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1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500
This car was originally my dads fun car and when he died in 1995 it went to my brother. He drove it very little and basically left it alone. He got too busy with business and family to do anything with it and it soon sat unused for years. I got it from him in May 1999.

When I got it home I found it was very weathered and dry but quite complete and straight. It has about 82,000 miles but the cylinder head and O/D tranmission had been rebuilt 15,000 miles ago. The engine ran rough and I had to replace the EGR valve and rebuild the carburetor, rebuild the rear u-joints, replace many hoses and belts, and sort various electical bugs among other fixes. In time I got it running well and took it for the imfamous smog check. It passed first time and I was finally able to register it in my name and begin working on the cosmetics. Runs sweet today. The tan seats had been reuphosltered about 7 years prior and cleaned up well and look effectively new. New canvas soft top was put on after the repaint.


The two photos above were taken the day I had it towed home in May 1999

Its first thorough chassis cleaning in many years. No rust found anywhere!

These shots were taken at various stages of prepping for paint in July 99. The first photo shows the roughness of the paint. That's not rust poking through on the lid- its the old brown paint. Also notice the reverse tan lines from the luggage rack. The holes from the rack on the boot lid and holes from a prior wider rack had to be MIG welded (16 holes!). I wanted it smooth and spent much time getting it all flatted down. I stripped virutally everything off the car to get a decent result.

These shots above were taken just after I drove it home from the paint shop first week of August 1999. Yes - I drove it home this way! I only remounted the tail lights, license plate and mirror before driving it home. Again, no trim on the car in these photos. The wheels had not yet been painted in the above photo's.


4-5 months total and IT'S FINISHED! Paint finished and trim reattached or replaced, new canvas convertible top was installed, wheels, window seals, various trim and engine bits repainted, chrome polished, interior cleaned up etc. Quite pleased with the overall results.

SOLD! Car was sold Oct. 9, 1999 and has a new home in Colorado. Buyer drove to California with his wife to buy it. A huge all British car show was the next day and he drove his new Spitfire while I drove my Mini. I was proud to have both cars at the same show.

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