Peters Oddball and Micro Car Page

This page is dedicated to all those wonderful but most unusual oddball and Micro cars. Some production cars, some home made, some strange home grown modifications. All of these shots are of real cars. No trick photography or clever editing here! Give it all time to load. You won't be disappointed!!!

The "Smart" Car from Mercedes

Tanks tracks on a VW Bus. Based on a Studebaker tank I hear.

The "Cursor" from England

A brick painted van. Would hate to be hit by that!

Extra low truck. Even the bottom is cut.

Powered roller skate!

Seriously overkill car speaker

SUV for impotent men. The new Ford Excavation?

Ford Model A SkiMobile

Truck with tank tracks

And another

16 cylinder VW engine?

Supposedly 193mph 8-wheeled van

Scooter for when nature calls

Another scooter for the garage

Worlds ugliest VW Beetle?

Strangest BMW 6-series. What a waste!

Literally foot powered bicycle

The Flitzer

Jaguar XJ6 - with 6 wheels?


A BMW Truck? Very custom job I saw in person. Based on a 76 530i. Was a 4 door!

Some bubble cars are rather light apparently.

Isn't this strange? Its a Messerschmitt.

This is an Amphicar - literally half car & half boat. Its sea-worthy! Note the twin props.



Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!

How about a Messerschmitt race car?

Here's a nice stock Messerschmitt.

Volkswagen Beetle Limo.

A Hummer Limo?

Here is a most unusual Formula-3 race car.

This is a 1976 Tyrell 6 wheeler F1 car

A 4x4 Rolls Royce?

This is a Trabant and made in the former East Germany. It uses a 2-stroke engine which meant you had to add oil to the gas. This photo was taken in 1984 when I was in Hungary and got to drive it. Its actually bigger than my Mini. I was younger then...

You either love or hate the Citroen 2CV.

Here is a Honda 600 from about 1970. Clearly the concept copied from the Mini. It has a 2 cylinder, air cooled engine.

How about a BMW Isetta from about 1956? The real bubble car.

And a BMW 600. Not to be confused with the Isetta or the Fiat below.

How about something from FIAT? This is a Multipla. It holds 6 people!

Now for something from Mazda. This is an R-360 coupe.

Here's a Goggo Dart and other Goggomobiles. Looks like something from Disneyland.

Here's a Vespa. Very cute.

Here is a Subaru 360.

Another Messerschmitt. Motorcycle style steering & passenger sits behind driver.

Here is a Bond Bug. Suprising how new these 3 wheeled cars are.

Here is a Peel Trident. Must be pretty tight inside with two people and scary on the highway.

Now this is weird. Its an AC Invacar 3-wheeler.

Slightly overloaded I think.

Here is a whole slew of oddball cars. Don't you just love 'em!

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