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I wanted a 6-series model for at least 15 years. I bought the car Nov 2001 and sold it in Dec 2005 mostly to help fund startup costs of my business. It was featured in a BMW calendar as the April 2006 car. Go to to see or purchase. To me they are the last great BMW enthusiast model. This one is the last year made example. It has a 3.5 liter 6 cylinder engine (208hp/225lbft torque) and sports select automatic transmission, ABS brakes, sunroof, electric seats with memory, CD changer, air bag, everything I could ask for and more. The AC works nicely and between the back seats is its own AC blower and small cooler for soda, water, etc. The leather is tan and in very good condition. It has an Mtech rear spoiler but not all photos here show that. This was my 5th BMW and 16th car overall.

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